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So, I have done a massive cleanup of my gallery, so if you cannot find a deviation of mine, then it was probably an older one, and I may have gotten rid of it.

In other news, now that my life is settling down a bit more, I am hoping to be much more active here on DA! I have been going through some of my old works, and I'm thinking of revamping them and finally getting the fanfics for them done. So if you're curious, here's what I'm working on:

1) DP - Tainted Blood

    Fanfic or Art?: Both
So this is basically an AU that I am currently working on. It used to be my "DPNFI" story until I thought of a better title. I do not yet have anything in my TB folder because I want to work on getting more art for it as well as finishing the story completely before I post it. So keep an eye out for the completion of this story because I will be posting the art here on DA and I will be posting the full story on :D

2) DP - Concrete Angel

    Fanfic or Art?: Both
        For Concrete Angel, I am working on a DP AU inspired by the song the folder is named for. It is a Danny abuse AU, and I am currently working on a revamp for some of the artwork I've come up with for it. I have continually been getting comments for this deviation: Concrete Angel by isora683asking me about what happened to Danny and if I have a fanfic for it. So, in addition to possibly re-vamping some of the pics I have on file, I will also be working on getting a fanfiction out for this AU. I have plenty more pictures in the works that I have been working on, but just haven't had a chance to finish up and post.

3) DP - Mer-Concepts

    Fanfic or Art?: Both
Recently, I posted this new deviation: Mer-Danny Concept by isora683 and for those of you who have followed me for a while, you know I have a few other deviations for mer-Danny. However, this is my latest concept for his design, and I like it very much. I will be working more with this design for more artwork, as well as applying this to re-vamping my older pictures of mer-Danny. I will also be working on a fanfiction for this concept as well, because I feel like I have one I could work pretty well with that goes outside of the range of your typical "mer-person gets captured and has to escape with a human's help" storyline.

4) Sketches (?????)

    Fanfic or Art?: Art
I HAVE A FREAKIN' TON OF SKETCHES THAT I HAVE TO UPLOAD TO MY COMPUTER. So many, in fact, that I'm kind of tempted not to... But most of my work as of late has been using my traditional sketches and then just digitizing them... Which reminds me... (see next number)


    Fanfic or Art: Art/Concepts
Basically, in the long time I've been off of DA, I have added to my OC base, with many more sketches and concepts for another group of characters. Essentially, it includes the original quad (Jessica, Dylan, Randi, and Chris), and adds Katrina, Olivia, and Charlie. I have plenty of ideas and sketches on them (I particularly like Charlie and his and Olivia's story ;P). So in the process of uploading my sketches, I will also be uploading the new OC concepts and potentially working on them as well. I am pretty excited because I have their hobbies, character traits, appearances, clothing, and personalities pretty much figured out!

So that's the plan!

As you can see, most of my plans are DP-centric, but I have been feeling better lately, and because I do feel that my art skills have improved somewhat from the time I first started each of these projects, I will be working on newer projects and re-vamping some of the older ones that I particularly like. I will also be trying to get my OC universe started, which I hope you guys will be as excited about as I am! :D



United States
Welcome to my page!

I draw in a cartoon-like style, and I'm constantly looking for ways to improve my art! I'm more of an artist by hobby, and I am by no means professional! I enjoy analytical conversations and watching my favorite shows. I draw Danny Phantom fanart, I LOVE Homestuck (hopefully I will have more of THAT art forthcoming!), and I also draw my OC's from time to time. I love writing and coming up with ideas and worlds for my characters, and I often find myself favoriting a LOT of other artist's artwork, mostly related to my favorite fandoms! hehe ^_^

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