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Hi everyone.

I know it's been a while... And I know I haven't been on in forever.

The thing is that I'm taking a big break. It is a much-needed break. I began having personal issues that I could not handle on my own, and that is why I have been so absent. So please forgive me: I lack motivation for many things right now, even the most mundane things.

I have taken time off so that I can get myself back to where I need to be.

In the meantime, that includes trying to find things that I enjoy, and as it happens, I just found a new series: Teen Titans.

I've heard so much about it, but never thought about watching it myself until I was up really late one night. I was bored and watching TV, and I saw an episode come on... It was "Apprentice, Part 2". All it took was five minutes of that episode to convince me to watch the show, which I am now doing.

Thankfully, I am getting back to being able to enjoy the things I once enjoyed. Thus far, I've only made it through episode 36 of Teen Titans, and I know nothing of the DC or Marvel comics, nor nothing of it's history or of how or even if Teen Titans fits into any of the timelines for it.

All I know is that I am really enjoying the show, and of course my favorite character is Robin, although they (the Titans) are each endearing themselves in my mind.

So far, I thought that the Apprentice episodes with Robin and Slade were the best, until I saw "Haunted". That is officially my new favorite episode, and I doubt that any other one will top it.

So... Yeah. I know, it's just me rambling a bit after been "dead" on this site for a while, but... Right now, I just need to feel like I can enjoy life. I'll see where things go from here.

I just wanted to post about the Teen Titans in case anyone else was really excited about sharing the fun of the show. I could use fun.


United States
Welcome to my page!

I draw in a cartoon-like style, and I'm constantly looking for ways to improve my art! I'm more of an artist by hobby, and I am by no means professional! I enjoy analytical conversations and watching my favorite shows. I draw Danny Phantom fanart, I LOVE Homestuck (hopefully I will have more of THAT art forthcoming!), and I also draw my OC's from time to time. I love writing and coming up with ideas and worlds for my characters, and I often find myself favoriting a LOT of other artist's artwork, mostly related to my favorite fandoms! hehe ^_^

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